Scenic Drives

Trinity Scenic Byway


Going from Redding, CA to Arcata, Ca Hwy 299 is a breath taking drive. The towering trees on the mountains that seem to reach the sky and the many  rivers that zigzag and flow between it all. There are many stopping points along this highway to  take a moment of peace and soak in the nature and beauty surrounding you.

Bigfoot Scenic Byway


Starting in Willow Creek, CA Hwy 96 is a unforgettable drive through the Six Rivers Nation Forest. This road travels north through the Hoopa Valley and Yurok reservations, to Orleans and up into Happy Camp, CA. Winding along the cliffs, twisting up and down the mountains and running next to the Trinity and Klamath Rivers this is a route to feel your mind and join nature.

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On your way to or when you are leaving the lovely town of Willow Creek the 101 is a sight that takes your breathe away. This highway starts down in San Francisco and travels all the way up through the Oregon Coast. From the gigantic Redwood trees to the breezy coast this highway has a surprise around every corner.

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Starting about 5 miles east of Willow Creek Friday Ridge Rd is such an unusual drive. With breathtaking view points along the roadside that you can see for miles! Be cautions of hazards in the road.

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A short drive from the Motel is a scenic drive that starts behind the Golf Course and will take you through the mountains and up to Burnt Ranch. This is not your normal road, this is a remote area and is not always maintained, but the forest covered mountains are what makes it worth the drive.