The Community

The history of the mountains and forest is still being written with every adventure!

Restaurants, Gas, & Grocery

Whether you are coming to the Six Rivers National Forest for work or to play the Bigfoot Motel is located in the center of food, adventure, and fun. Within walking distant from quick eats like a sandwich, burger, or pizza. There are two gas station/convenient stores just steps away from the office. Or even if you are looking to cook for dinner in one of our kitchenette rooms there are two grocery stores within a few blocks.

Not only a place to stay for the night, but a story for life

We are not only a simple road side motel to stay and catch a few hour of sleep. The Bigfoot Motel is a stopping point in any road trip through Northern California. The history of the community and the stories to hear from the locals is something we all need to experience for ourselves.